About Us

Tasma Group of Companies, engage in diversified business activities including providing Human Resources solutions to various type of business enterprises, handling outsourced business activities , Travels & transport services, Logistics solutions , Renting out & marketing of heavy equipment and machinery, Apparel industry and Engineering solutions . Ours is a journey that spans . It is a human quest that is medieval in passion and modern in its aim. It is a quest for excellence, to achieve the impossible. This road of exploration, innovation and rising above the ordinary, is a road less traversed but is more rewarding.

History in a nut shell:

  • 1998 ???Tasma International Manpower Suppliers (Pvt.) Ltd. ??? Providing Human Resource solutions for any requirement.

  • 2004 ??? Tasma International Travels (Pvt.) Ltd. ??? Providing transport solution for any requirement.

  • 2004 ??? Tasma International Multi Services (Pvt.) Ltd.??? Providing modern trade business solutions, including energy solutions to our customers.

  • i) Bottle Washing Plant
    ii) Biomass Manufacturing Plant ??? To provide a service that would minimize environmental pollution and create an impact on sustainable greener earth for future generations

  • 2012 ??? Tasma Logistics (Pvt.) Ltd. ??? Providing a faster, smoother, secure, hassle-free supply chain process thus ensuring an efficient delivery system that optimizes all expectations of the Client.

  • 2012 ??? Tasma Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. ??? A modern civil engineering service bringing state-of-the-art solutions to development projects that exceed Client expectations while building long term relationships for future progress.

  • 2014 ??? Tasma Machinery & Equipment (Pvt) Ltd ??? Renting out and marketing of heavy equipment and Machinery.

  • 2014 ??? Sisalu Fashions (Pvt) Ltd ??? Manufacturing of fashion garments for local and foreign markets.

  • As a diversified conglomerate we serve our customers across varied spheres and we are quite pleased to have grown with them over the years as a trustworthy business Group. The Group, founded by Deshamanya K A Nimal Subasinghe as a Manpower supplying enterprise commencing operations in 1998, is certified with ISO & OSHAS certifications and was awarded with prestigious Most Outstanding Entrepreneurship award 2014, by Ceylon Chamber of Commerce with NDB Bank.

    Tasma takes pride in offering affordable, practical and high quality products and services to our customers in Manpower, Transportl, Energy, Logistics, Heavy equipment & machinery, Apparel and Engineering sectors. We offer quality and reliable services in every possible way. Our commitment to customers is backed by the vast experience and solid expertise of our competent team.

    We stand today as a large multi services, multi location, and multi dimensional group.