Services We Offer

Our objective at Tasma Logistics as a 3PL provider is to continually develop and deliver to our customers the benefits of a 3PL.

The business and local market today is indeed a challenging and highly competitive environment and a reliable, efficient and effective warehouse and distribution management is essential to have. We provide a shared and elusive warehousing and distribution management operations to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Core Services and Value Added Services

  1. Warehousing
  2. Outsourced Warehouse Management Services
  3. Distribution services
  4. Warehouse value addition service (Packing, labeling etc.)
  5. Provide Loading facilities and Hostels for customer staff.

We accept following specialized Warehousing and Distribution services

  1. Dangerous Goods  ( Gases , hazardous materials)
  2. Pharmaceutical Goods
  3. Food & Beverage
  4. Textile and Apparel
  5. Building Materials
  6. Industrial items
  7. Consumer goods
  8. General items.

We support to you to get benefits include:

  • Reduce your risks.
  • Meet the on time delivery and supply requirements.
  • Maintain accuracy of inventory.
  • Cost savings through economies of scale.
  • Establishing a local or regional presence.
  • Implementing best practices throughout your supply chain.
  • Our experienced staff and their passion for flawless execution of every aspect of the service chain is what differentiate Tasma Logistics as your premier third party logistics partner.