Message For Those Who Wish To Join As Our Employees

Best Reasons to Join Tasma International Manpower Supplier (Pvt) Limited.

  1. Quick job opportunities
  2. We give you what you want and not just what we want
  3. We handle each applicant up until they grow
  4. It is less risky and more dependable
  5. Freedom to make complaints and grievances
  6. comply with all labour regulations and legal requirements.
  7. If you are unwilling to work selected workplace, employ in another place or company.
  8. Well managed management structure. (Supervisors / Area Managers)
  9. Provide salaries, facilities and benefits in time.

Employee benefits and Payments.

  1. Salaries as per the wage board act or shop & office act.
  2. EPF/ ETF
  3. Gratuity payments
  4. Workman compensation insurance
  5. Death donations
  6. Uniforms
  7. Food and lodging FOC or nominal fee
  8. Distress loans
  9. Annual trips and get-togethers
  10. Welfare facilities